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Bin endlich mit meiner Backgroundstory auf INARA fertig.

GRÖSSE 180 cm / 5' 11"
GEWICHT: 85 kg / 187 lb
AUGENFARBE: grey-green

How it starts...

My grandson was born in 2062, he and his wife went on board of the generation ship 'Sirona' in 2097. The destination was a double star system 71.92 ly away from earth with 6 terrestrial planets, scans oft the system showed the spectrumlines of oxygen and the reflection of green color.

In the year 2457, ten generations later, the generation ship arrived at the system. In a vote the people of 'Sirona' named the system Vanir. After a group of gods of the norse mythology associated with health, fertility, wisdom, and the ability to see the future.

The 5th planet was actually an earth-like-world with temperatures between 167K and 313K, with a little higher gravity and a lower air pressure like at an altitude of 3600m. The 4% higher concentration of oxygen means a higher fire risk but it has little effect on the human body.

In memory of the dismantled generation ship, the capital of Vanir A5 was named Sirona.

Twenty four generations later, in the year 3278, NI6H70WL was born in a small city called Svane.

Early beginnings...

I grow up in a small town surrounded by hills with a big crystal clear river which flows out of a hill.
My parents are not particularly wealthy, but neither are they poor. My mother works for the city administration and organize local events. My father works in a factory which refines and processes tungsten for the military and the industry.
Even as a small child, I was fascinated by the stars. The spaceships which took off and landed, the limitless freedom out there. I chose astrophysics, astrobiology and aerospace engineering as my main focus at school.

I met my first officer in 3293 during a research excursion in the Vanir wilderness.
She found an ancient federation ship wreckage maybe 300 years old, during the exploration of the wreckage we began to talk to each other.
In the next two years a very intense friendship arised.

When I was 22 years old I attended the space pilot school in Sirona.
Three years later a new goverment the Teaka Elite Altruists Bagging Cooperative controlls the system and replaced the democracy government to a cooperation government. On the 8th of August 3303 I successfully graduate from pilot school and received pilots' association license and the title "commander".

In the year 3304 I stopped flying and returned to Vanir A5. I don't wanna talk about the reason why.


On 16th of August 3305 I changed my life and started my come back into the black. With me was my first officer callsign "Colourfullmuffin".

20.11.3305 During the Golconda incident I was transporting materials to a starport in an unshielded Type-9. A few hundreds meters before I reached the entrance of the starport I got attacked by a ganker. I lost over 7 mio. CR for nothing. After this insidious attack, I decided to leave the Bubble and flew to Colonia. The trip lasted 6 wonderful weeks of explorimg and discovering.

I reached Colonia at New Year and did some missions for minor factions. I stayed there for a year and hired in the meantime two ship engineers.
But the explorer in me awoke and my crew and I flew to Sagittarius A* at christmas eve 3306.

That was the day I decided to join the CANONN squadron and stayed there for 3 months.

On March the 17th I accidentially landed on a landing pad of the faction Stellanebula Project. After I introduced myself they asked me.if I'd like to stay and join there faction. After consultation woth my first officer I decided to leave CANONN and joined Stellanebula Project.
We will see if this is the faction we were looking for.
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Re: CMDR-Vorstellung

Hey NI6H70WL, auch hier herzlich willkommen und danke für deine ausführlich Vorstellung :up:

Ich lese solche RP-Werdegänge immer sehr gerne, geben sie doch dem Charaktern mehr „Tiefe“ und lassen sich auch bestens für gemeinsame Aktionen nutzen.
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Viele Grüße,